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From its origins, the firm has been acting in the field of criminal defence and civil procedure.

Enriched by this experience before all the French Courts and numerous foreign Courts, we have developed an expertise in the field of white-collar crime and litigation (civil law, employment law, social security law, and press law).


Ever since, the firm has been involved in high profile litigation cases in the field of white-collar crime, criminal liability of corporate officers including directors and of legal persons, environmental hazards, corruption, tax evasion or money laundering.


We intervene regularly in military criminal law cases before specialised courts in France and abroad.

 We are also renowned for our expertise in all areas of civil law and civil procedure.





Our clients are:


- French and foreign companies, some publicly-traded, and their executives.


- Individuals facing criminal or disciplinary charges.


- State institutions.


- Individuals requiring assistance in family matters.



Our team works in French and English, so that all our clients can readily participate

in the preparation of their defence by our side.

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